Ravenous for Books…

In case you didn’t get it from the title of the blog…I love to read. Just about everything, although lately I’ve found myself wandering frequently into the girl’s tween section of the library. Ruling out midlife crisis as the cause, since I’m (hopefully) not yet to the middle of my life, I think it may have to do with having a daughter. She can’t read yet, unless you count babbling and squealing at picture board books. She’s 1. But a mom has got to be prepared, don’t you think?

That’s why I’m going to be starting off this blog with some reviews about The Little House on the Prairie series, Anne of Green Gables, The Mother Daughter Book Club series and the like. However, if you have a boy, or you’re into non-fiction, there’s more coming for you.

When not devouring children’s books I enjoy reading books like How Children Learn, and The China Study, which I will also be reviewing. (Yes, I do take requests, although I need to be allowed enough time to read the book in my very busy schedule.)

Now, there’s a definite “taboo” when it comes to an unpublished nobody (me) reviewing world-renown classics (like Anne of Green Gables). However, I’d like to use the word “reporting” instead of “critiquing” in cases like these. If you’re a mom, or a student, or a working person, or human, you have limited time and a LOT of books to sift through. That’s why I’m here. I give you the quick overview, thoughts, and maybe an excerpt or two to help you out on your search for a book that won’t make you feel like you’ve wasted time you could’ve been watching The Bachelor*.

I was thinking about doing star ratings, but I’m not good at those things. When they ask me at the doctor’s office to rate my pain from 1-10, I’m like, “compared to what?” I can’t wrap my brain around it. A little like Brian Regan in this bit.

So instead of star ratings I’m just going to give you the low down and maybe some triggers that you’ll want to be aware of. I may even throw in some post-book activities you can do with your kids after reading (I’m thinking like a mom again), or you can do them by yourself, you adventurer, you! Let’s go forth!

I’ll be posting weekly, see you on the flip side!

Sincerely, Francie

*I’ve never watched the Bachelor.


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